Everyday Savings  Everyday Giving

How great would it be if there was one program that could provide you with exclusive access to everyday savings at hundreds of local businesses PLUS free daily deals, without having to print, carry, or clip any coupons. Now imagine if that same program has a mission of helping create thriving small businesses in every city they launch while donating up to 50% of every membership they sell to a local school or charity… Welcome to the Perk Up Rewards movement where giving back & spreading goodwill & unity is what we are all about!

Our Mission

Perkup Local Businesses & Communities

Perk Up Rewards believes that thriving local businesses are the backbone of thriving communities, but there are too many great local businesses, many minority-owned, that simply cannot afford an effective local marketing strategy. It is our goal to level the playing field for all small businesses through offering them a highly effective group rewards/loyalty program at little to no cost.

Simplify Local Consumer Savings

I can’t remember the last time I entered a business that didn’t ask for my email address or request that I join their loyalty program.  If this trend continues, the effectiveness of these programs will cease to exist as there are only so many cards, apps, points programs, and e-clubs that consumers can manage or remember. Our concept offers a solution to this problem by consolidating the best features from each type of program into one group platform that includes loyalty rewards, new customer incentives, daily deals, social media & email blasts, and much more! Not only does this result in amazing savings for small businesses, but it allows consumers to save when and how they want to save.

Raise Millions For Schools/Non-profits Across the Nation

The #1 reason behind what we do is to raise money for local non-profits in every city we launch. 40-50% of every membership we sell goes directly to those that need it most. In addition to schools, our goal is to partner with non-profits that help with the following: (in no particular order)

*Fighting diseases and illnesses, mostly incurable

*Helping end child hunger

*Helping end homelessness

*Animal rescues and shelters

*Ending poverty

*Helping Veterans

*Fighting against racism and for equality

*Non-profits that promote sustainability

*Helping young entrepreneurs

*Helping ex-cons with jobs and rehab

Show Your Support By Becoming a Member!

It’s no secret that our mission is HUGE, which is why we NEED your support! On top of the reward of seeing our program “Perkup” your community, our supporters also receive everyday savings at dozens of local, small businesses who also need your support. It’s a win/win/win for consumers, businesses, and non-profits!