The Movement

The Perkup Rewards Movement

Our company has 3 purposes:
Help Local Businesses Make Money
Help Consumers Save Money
Help Local Non-profits Raise Money

How Do We Help Local Businesses?


By Saving Your Business a Ton of Money!

With advertising options ranging from $10/m-$100/m, no one can beat our pricing! Why so low? Because we truly are here to help, NOT hurt your business! Sure, we can charge a lot more, but that’s not why we are here.

We Help You Encourage & Reward Customer Loyalty

Over 90% of consumers have said that they determine where they shop & dine based on discounts or coupons, NOT points. By offering a discount with Perkup Rewards, you send a powerful message to local consumers that you appreciate their business & want to reward them for their loyalty. In return, they will visit more frequently.

We Let YOU Decide What to Offer

We don’t believe in forcing our clients to list what we want. All Perkup Card clients get “The Freedom to Choose” any discount(s) you want, valid whenever you want. Anything from an everyday offer to lunch time specials, and if you ever want to change your offer, just call us and we will gladly change it for you.

We Support Your Community

By having your business participate you are not only rewarding customers for their loyalty, you are also helping your local community. Local schools, charities, religious organizations, and other non-profit organizations will directly benefit by selling our cards & every discount listed helps their fundraising efforts.

100% Money-Back & Price-Lock Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our program that we proudly offer new clients your 1st 90 days at no risk to you. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, simply tell us and we will gladly return your money to you, no questions asked. (One-time use only) We also offer businesses a Price-Lock guarantee which guarantees that your rate will never change, even if our price increases. Name any advertising company that will do the same!

How We Help Consumers:


Enjoy Endless Savings!

Perkup Rewards proudly offers consumers a revolutionary new way to save a ton of money, while also supporting their community. With our smart but simple group rewards program, each member receives exclusive savings PLUS daily deals at hundreds of local businesses without the hassle of tracking points, carrying dozens of loyalty cards, or printing/clipping/forgetting coupons.

Enjoy Convenience!

Who wants to carry around a coupon book or magazine and waste time searching for a coupon? And who wants to buy and print coupons/gift certificates, which in most cases, hurts the participating business? No One! Our unique and revolutionary program has made it easier than ever for consumers to access local savings.  As a Perkup Rewards member, all you need to do is carry one card or download one app, then show either at checkout and enjoy the savings!